About this Blog

This blog is maintained to detail the progress and outcomes of the two major goals in my individual study in music composition:

-An electroacoustic work for solo classical guitar, live processed signals of the performed guitar, and pre-recorded material

-A mostly acoustic work for flute, Bb clarinet, 2 Bb trumpets, piano, two electric guitars, and five string bass

In addition to documenting rehearsals and drafts of these works, I will also be writing about indirectly related topics that have an impact on me as a composer, writer, musician, and novice pedagogue.

About me:

Stephen Hennessey is a senior music major at UMW, where he primarily pursues his interest in composition. After having completed both the Music Theory and Music History sequences – in addition to a majority of the creative courses offered (Intro to MIDI Composition, Electronic Music, Music Composition) – he seeks to apply what he has learned by completing this individual study and leading an ensemble of composers.

Asides from writing music, Stephen’s performance area is in classical guitar and he has been active in the UMW Guitar Ensemble since its inception. He also participates in numerous technological endeavors, ranging from helping to engineer recitals of electroacoustic works, recording student recitals, and tutoring in the use of DAW software (specializing in Ableton Live).

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